The Role of the Church


The first objective of all churches is to spread the real word about the life and times of God. In His commandments to man, God asked the man to ensure that he proclaims as much as he can and in turn spread the good gospel of the Lord so that righteousness can prevail in the whole world. It is worth noting the fact that even when the church was tasked with the role of spreading the gospel, an individual follower of the Lord who has strong faith in God can as well cover the doctrine of the Lord with as much effort as possible.

The second role that Old Fort sc baptist church play in society today is to bring different people together in faith by preaching on the benefits of peace, love, and unity despite the differences that may exist between the members of its congregation. Back in the days when colonialism was the order of the day, communities allowed themselves to be separated from others by color, race and even religious preferences. It was the sole objective of the church to bring people together to avoid the impacts of lack of peace and understanding between people in society.

Another critical role is that churches are used to give hope to people that there is still an opportunity to make tomorrow better than today. The power of faith cannot be underestimated since history has proved time and over that patience and hope are the most significant virtues of life that any individual can ever possess. The more confidence an individual has, the more significant his capability of taking on some of the most complex duties even though he is not sure what he will achieve. When people pray together and hope together, it is likely that the Lord will hear their prayers and answer them according to His own will.

Away from that, the great commission summerville sc church also symbolizes the connection that society has with God. It is important to worship God in the right place as the bible says that in areas where more than two people of God have met to worship God, Holy Spirit is prevailing upon them and always ready to answer their prayers. The connection between God and firm believers of the actual word of God is found in the heart of all his followers and not the church. The fact that the church symbolizes a great sign of strong faith, belief and hope that God is real and the most supreme of all gods.